Whole school events

THE BIG PLAY: Dancing in the Street

As part of The Big Play, Shotton's children performed Dancing in the Street. They did fantastically well with their singing and signing - we hope you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed performing it!

Our Wonderful Choir

Listen to our wonderful choir performing in the Durham School Choir of the Year 2016. We are all so proud of the children. They performed beautifully, coming a well deserved 2nd and receiving a commendation from the judges. The judges in their feedback said that the choir had beautiful communication. Choreography helped get the message across and did not detract from the singing, which was very tuneful and sweet. Our choir had a very good dynamic range with harmonies that were WOW!

I make my own Sunshine

This is the song that Mr Shield successfully submitted to the judges for the Durham School Choir of the Year Competition 2016. Watch our wonderful choir perform!

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